How Many Frogs Are Left in This Math Problem?

How Many Frogs Are Left in This Math Problem?

Three frogs sat on a log and one decided to jump off.

How many frogs were left on the log?


Although almost everyone answers “two”, the correct answer is actually “three”.

Just because that frog decided to jump off the log doesn’t necessarily mean it actually didit.

You know what I’m talking about…

– that vacation you decided to take

– that project you decided to start

– the healthy diet you decided to start a month ago

– that business plan you decided to do for that great idea

– that break you decided you were going to take every hour to get out of your chair and stretch

– that book you decided to write

– that new attitude you decided to have

– that fill in the blank you decided to…

Oh, but this, that and other got in the way…

Is there a gap between what you’ve decided to do and what you’re actually doing?

Don’t be that frog.

🫵 Your move

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