An Investment Banker Called and Asked Me to Lunch

Lowell and I after having lunch.

Out of the blue I received a call from the CEO of Traction Advising, Lowell Ricklef, saying he was going to be in Half Moon Bay, CA and asking if I wanted to grab lunch.

I was delighted at the invite because Lowell appeared on EDGE episode #307where we talked about selling your company and making sure it’s “sellable”.

After the recording Lowell and I continued to talk and I said that if he was ever in Half Moon Bay to be sure to drop me a line.

I think he was a little surprised that I answered back so fast and made time for it to happen on such short notice.

And I was a little surprised that he actually took me up on the offer to connect on the far out chance he was ever in Half Moon Bay.

We had a great conversation over lunch and enjoyed some NorCal ocean air and sun.

We live in the era of video calls, but there simply is no substitute for in-person meeting. The interaction energy is just better.

If you get an opportunity to meet someone in person, take a minute to make it happen.

Lowell could have easily said to himself that he didn’t have time. But, because of that meeting we’ll probably have a friendship for a long time.

Lowell, thanks for making it happen!

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