3 Thieves That Rob Your Holiday Spirit and How to Have a Better Holiday Season | Ep. 193 | Mind Podcast

3 Thieves That Rob Your Holiday Spirit and How to Have a Better Holiday Season
3 Thieves That Rob Your Holiday Spirit and How to Have a Better Holiday Season


You’ve worked your butt off all year in your business to hit your goals, you’re a little excited for the holidays and at the same time a little worn out from a long year.

You put the tiredness behind you and start out with an energized holiday spirit. The mere idea of the holidayís sparks joy.

Knowing anything is possible during the season creates a sense of wonder and delight right about the time the first pumpkin spice latte hits the coffee shop and the fumes escape out of the door and fill the whole street.

Then something happens and it doesn’t take long for one or more of three thieves to rob your holiday spirit.

Any of these have a tendency to steal the joy you’ve mustered for the season. Sadly, what’s supposed to be a happy time can easily turn stressful. 

Listen in where I reveal the three theives and what you can do to stop them in their tracks.

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Hello Friends, Welcome to the Edge. The holidays are coming and today I’m going to give you the three thieves that rob your holiday spirit and we have a workbook for you that you can grab in the link in the show notes. Here we go. three thieves that rob your holiday spirit. Welcome to the Edge podcast, your weekly playbook about the inner game of building a successful business, making you a happier, healthier and richer business owner. And here’s your host, Brandon White.

Yes, the holidays are right around the corner. Before you know it, it’ll be thanksgiving. It will be Christmas, it’ll be new years and we’ll be in 2022 just like that. And in between this short period of time, there are three thieves that can rob your holiday spirit and I don’t want that to happen to you. So let me start off by saying that anything that robs your spirit is usually caused by some sort of expectation that we house in ourselves.

So if we adjust our expectations to all of these things, then we can change how we feel and we won’t be disappointed and we won’t let the thief rob us. Here we go. Number one finances. For some of us, business is booming for some others who may be listening. Business isn’t quite as good and finances cause a ton of stress because there’s this expectation out there that if you’re a business owner, you’re making tons of money. Sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s not.

So you’ve got to come to terms with this and you’ve got to set the expectations and you’ve got to come to terms with it yourself. That just because you don’t do something that’s expensive, maybe this year you can’t afford to take that trip and that’s okay. Don’t beat up on yourself from that, take an inventory of what yourself, of what you’re beating yourself up on around finances and tell yourself that it is okay and you have permission to make it ok? So don’t let that get down on you. And there’s plenty of things that you can do outside of things that cost money to have fun during the holidays with the people you love. Second thieve of your holiday spirit is time.

I know that when the holidays come, I feel like, oh my God, we’ve got to go to this party, we got to go to that party, we got to do this, we gotta go see this family member got to do this and it’s this craziness. And I can’t even imagine we don’t even have kids, I can’t imagine what it’s like having kids and having the expectation that you’re going to do all these things, get the christmas tree together, cut the christmas tree down. I’m not saying that any of this isn’t a loving fun family experience, I’m just saying there’s only so much, so much time in the day and that this time crunch can create an enormous amount of pressure. So take a step back and set boundaries of what you are and are not going to do.

You do not need to go to every holiday party. You will feel like you do, but you don’t necessarily and if you do feel like that and you’re gonna say, well Brandon, that’s not true, I’ve got to go to this because it’s a business function or it’s a family and they expect me to do this. Well that’s an expectation that you’re gonna need to fix among yourself inside yourself. However You can adjust and say, Okay, well we’re going to go for 45 minutes and then we’re going to leave. So take control of your time. And the third thief that robs your holiday spirit can be family. You know what they say, You can’t pick your family. But with family sometimes comes a ton of dysfunction and that relative that just drives you crazy or it’s the same story that you heard last year and 100 other things. Again, a lot of the disappointment, frustration that comes from this quote unquote dysfunction is expectations.

If you go into this family gathering expecting that things are gonna be different. I would bet you that that’s probably not going to be the case. So you need to adjust your expectation. If you adjust your expectation, you won’t be disappointed, you won’t be frustrated and you won’t come out of there leaving that house, getting in the car, talking to your significant other and just letting loose on how this is absolutely crazy because you would have expected that. It will be crazy and it will be dysfunctional and it can be, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have love and joy. It just means that usually it doesn’t change. And sometimes you just embrace the craziness once, twice a year. It’s not bad to embrace the craziness.

Is it really that bad? No, it is not. So the three thieves finances time and family and don’t forget about the workbook that we have for you. Sometimes I’d say most of the time for me that when I get things and my thoughts out on a piece of paper, it takes the control that seems to happen away from my inner mind, puts it in something that’s outside of it. I see it, I acknowledge it and I can actually work through it. So grab that workbook and have a great holiday season. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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