Business Tools

Business Tools

Regardless if you are starting a business or scaling one, there are business tools that can save you a ton of time and thousands of dollars by automating different business tasks and processes.

I am always experimenting with new business tools and online services, from digital marketing, customer service, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, website hosting, email hosting, video hosting, and podcast hosting.

When a new business tool comes out, I make a point to invest time and give it a try.

I know first hand how hard is starting and scaling a business.

I’m a fan of anything that makes it easier and more efficient to run my business.

No brainer, right!

All of these tools I use or have used. I don’t recommend anything that doesn’t work for it’s intended purpose. I will not put my reputation at risk, it’s not worth it to me.

Note that different tools can and are used at different stages of your business growth and I aim to give you the guidance with each tool description.

Before you dig into the business tools below, I want you to know that many of these links are affiliate links. This means that I make a commission if you buy through the link. None of the prices have been increased to compensate me. In many cases, the creators of the tools give me special discounts I get to extend to you. Do your diligence and only spend your money if you feel these tools will help you achieve your business goals.

I’m Just Getting My Business Started

Event Ticketing: MyTicketSpace

My Ticket Space is an industry disrupting ticketing company, who is open, honest, and upfront about fees. The ticketing industry has become greedy, and My Ticket Space is aiming to break down the walls. They offer NO recurring fees, and a flat 50 Cents USD per paid ticket fee, supporting 135+ currencies. They give you your very own web space, with all the tools necessary to sell tickets, and MAKE MONEY doing so. Best of all, they are powered by AWS, for maximum reliability and ease of scaling up as demand rises.

Business Tools Email Marketing Convert Kit

Email Marketing: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that allows you to easily manage, grow and automate your email list marketing. I use them to host several of my email lists.

Business Tools Website WordPress Hosting BlueHost

Website Hosting: Blue Host

BlueHost offers the easiest one click WordPress install and management host I have seen. Low monthly plans. I use them when I am helping getting someone going.

Business Tools Image Designs Canva

Image Creation: Canva

The design tool for non-designers. Create website graphics, shareable social media images and video thumbnails. It’s easy to use and free version gives you what you need to start.

Business Tools Accounting Software Payroll Tax Software Quick Books

Accounting: Quick Books

QuickBooks makes business accounting easy. It also scales, so as you grow your business and have payroll to issue, local, state and federal taxes, it can handle it all for you in one place.

I’m Growing My Business

Business Tools digital marketing email marketing

Digital Marketing: ClickFunnels

More than just an email marketing tool, it’s a super powerful digital marketing tool. But, it takes a time commitment to get it going. Once going, it’s a selling machine.

Business Tools Legal Advice for small business contracts

Legal: Legal Zoom

Affordable legal advice, contracts, incorporation and other legal stuff you need for your company. Will not totally replace legal council, but cheaper for basic things and good to have on call.

business tools business loans small business pay pal

Working Capital: Pay Pal

Pay Pal has great programs for small business loans. They provide working capital loans and straight business loans. Note you need revenue to qualify.