How To Write a Business Plan Part 4 – Your Problem Slide

How To Write a Business Plan Part 4 – Your Problem Slide
How To Write a Business Plan Part 4 – Your Problem Slide


Part 4 of How to Write Your Business Plan where I give you an easy to fill in the black formula to whip out your Problem Slide in no time.?

You want to make it crystal clear to the audience you’re presenting to what problem you are solving for them. 

You’ll use this slide as a basis for your many things across your business, you’re sales and marketing strategy, brand brief, PR etc… 

Nail this slide and you’re well on your way to building your business plan!

A full transcript of the How to Build Your Problem Slide podcast episode is below

Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of Build a Business success Secrets. I am your host, Brandon C White. And today we are on part four of our series on how to build a business plan in 13 slides. Today we are going over your problem slide with an easy to understand and follow template that I’ve created and used over and over again. You will get this slide nailed really quickly.

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Let’s get on to Part four, your problem slide of how to build your business plan in 13 days. All right, we’re on part four of how to Build Your Business plan. Today is your problem slide as a quick review In Part one, we went over the overview and the 13 slides for this formula.

In Part two. We covered Slide one, and that is where you give your elevator pitch and we went through a very simple template to follow so that you can build a powerful elevator pitch that hooks people and sells your product.

On part three we went over three mistakes to avoid when building your elevator pitch that I have seen people make over and over and over again, and I made many times before I learned it. So make sure you turn into those other three parts.

Today is your problem slide it is slide two of the 13 slides, and I built a really simple to follow formula that you can use to build your problem slide. And here it is.

A person tries x. The pain that they experience is, and existing solutions are broken because just fill in the blanks.

Put three very simple graphics that match your brand identity and your look and feel on brand voice, and that’s all it is. Literally figure out what problem you’re solving by this formula. Person tries X The pain they experience is existing solutions are broken because so here’s an example.

In the last episode, we talked about our elevator pitch, and I gave you the example of a company that I am an investor and a co founder in called File Finder. And here it goes. Here is the problem:

A person tries to find a file in their email or in a cloud storage location, the pain, the experiences, they can’t find it and they feel like they’re so frustrated because they’ve wasted so much time. An existing solutions are broken because it works on Boolean search. So you have to remember a keyword that’s in that document. And sometimes it doesn’t even read the stuff in the document. So if someone sent you something a year ago, you keep guessing. You’re like, Oh, it had this in it. It had this in it. Maybe it had this in it on. You just get blown up. That’s the problem. Slide for File Finder.

Let me give you another example and one that is why you’re here. Building a business plan is complicated. How to from experienced people is hard to find. There’s really no easy to follow direction, so going back on, that person tries to build their business plan or their business. The pain is it’s really hard to find credible experience. People who can give you a very easy to follow formula and existing solutions are broken because there’s no easy to follow directions that make it fast for you to get to a business plan. Then you get discouraged and then you give it up and it’s in your head and nothing happens.

Another way that you could give the same pitch is building a business online is complicated. There’s too much information. You don’t know what the follow you don’t know.

It was realizes my exact problem when I first started. Talked about this many times, and there’s no easy to follow course. Everybody thinks you gotta go get an MBA for two years or do something really complicated.

So those are just some examples of how you take this very simple template. A person tries X. The pain they experience is existing solutions are broken because so take this formula. Just write it down. Replay this episode and you’ll be on your way to getting your problem slide set and done in no time.

Well, that was easy, right? Just follow that template. Fill it in and you will have your problem slide complete. And I bet you that when you use that formula, go back to your elevator pitch that you’re still working on, and it will help you refine and make that even more powerful.

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In the next part of our series, we will cover how to build your solution slide in just as easy a template as we did today with your problems, life.

And hey, until the next episode. Remember, you are just one business plan away. I am rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon.

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