Email Marketing How I get 70% Open Rates and You Can Too with These 3 Tips: Business Podcast

Email Marketing How I get 70% Open Rates and You Can Too with These 3 Tips: Business Podcast
Email Marketing How I get 70% Open Rates and You Can Too with These 3 Tips: Business Podcast


Learn how I get 70% open rates with my email marketing and how you can too.

I outline 3 tips that I use regularly to get high open rates with my email marketing and have been working for me for twenty years. Best part…

You can put into action with your email marketing after listening to increase your engagement and as importantly increase your sales!

A full transcript of the episode is below

Hey, everyone, welcome to another episode of Build a Business Success Secrets.

I’m your host, Brandon C White. And today we’re gonna be talking about email marketing and how I have been able to get 70% open rates.

I’m going to give you three HPTs, high percentage tips that you can use in your business today to increase your open rates, more open rates, more click throughs, more landing on your landing page equals more revenue for you and more raving fans.

So we’re gonna go through that in three HPTs.

But before we get started, did you know that Build a Business Success Secrets is also a newsletter that gets delivered to your door every month? Yes, it’s actually a paper news. Can you imagine that? In today’s age?

Some past articles in it have included growing your business by changing the lightbulbs. You school one. I write all these articles in here. I’m looking at some I’m actually gonna check out this coming months, which is how overthinking undermines your success.

I know that many students are always talking about that, even me myself, over 20 years of entrepreneurship and doing too many businesses to name, sometimes we just over think it and you just have to put things out there.

And I have explained it in this article. What you can do and then where do we cover this in August edition.

The perks and pitfalls of celebrity endorsement. So is it worth it? Are influencers worth putting into your business? Hiring them and what you should look for?

I got some HPTs on what I learned from biking over the last 15 years and what you can take away from that and apply to your business building endeavors and then actually boosting your performance by breathing got an upcoming episode on how to breathe correctly. I would bet that you’re not doing it right.

The amazing part of it is is that this new way of thinking about breathing has all sorts of amazing health effects. It increases your concentration. It you actually don’t want to say it causes. But you can lose weight by breathing correctly and, as importantly, just feeling better and increasing your endurance.

So I cover three devices that can help you with that.

So check it out!

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Check it out. Special offer for you Let’s get to it.

Three HPTs that I have learned to get high open rates. Let’s get to Hey there!

So recently I changed my email provider. I have been going back and forth over the years, always experimenting and checking out some new features. So I’ve been at Send Grid now for probably a year, and I still am at Send Grid. Actually, I use Send Grid for my APIs. I use click funnels and a few other programs like Click Finals for my Landing pages, including WordPress and some plug ins and themes so that that helped make it easy there.

But I recently moved a bunch of my direct marketing campaigns with email back over to Convert Kit and I had switched to Send Grid because I really liked their feature.

They came out with a new marketing module that allows you to test six subject lines if you can imagine that. And I really like that compared to the A B testing that most all other email providers give you.

But Send Grid made it really hard to do one thing which I actually, I have three things today, but I want to talk to you about and on how to get higher open rates. But I’m gonna give you a bonus tip and teach you how you can really boost your open rates. So on a, campaign that I did recently, I’m gonna check it out while I’m talking to you. Actually think I got 71.4% open rate, which is pretty crazy when you think about it, Especially when you start looking at industry statistics.

So let me give you some industry open rates that you could compare to for your business. Hopefully, mail Chimp puts out a yearly report mainly by industry, to talk about what open rates are.

So let’s look at business and finances. Around 21.56 percent open rate with about a 2% 2.7% click through rate.

If you’re in consulting, you get about a 20.13% open rate with a 2.49% click through rate.

Let’s see what else creative agencies, digital agencies you could think of get about a 21.39% with a 2.66% open rate.

A daily deal. If you get those like IDEO, generally get about 15.6% with open rate with a 2.23%.

Click through an e commerce site, which many of you might own an e commerce site or have an e commerce component of your business. Generally get 15.68% open rate, with 2% click through educational training. I’m just going to run through a few more of these.

23.42% Open rate, 2.9% click through Let’s see what else.

Health and Fitness Popular category on the Internet. 21.48% open rate. 2.6 9% Click through and let’s see.

Home and garden, 21.63% Click through what else non profits. Just as a benchmark. It about 25.17% open rate with a two point 79 click through. And that gives you an idea.

Restaurants. If you’re a restaurant owner and you have any commerce component or a web presence for ordering especially in today’s day and age with Cupid, 19.77% open rate with a 1.34 click through.

So hopefully this gives you a little bit. Now let’s ah, give you this. Travel and transportation. It’s a popular category. 20.44% operate with a 2.25 percent click through. So those air some benchmarks for you, too.

Think about and compare yourself with and see how you’re doing if you are not measuring your open and your click the rate and some other important statistics, which I’m not gonna go into today because I want to keep this relatively short so that you can get these three HPTs and put him in action.

But you also want to watch your hard balance yourself bounce and your unsubscribe rate, and we’ll cover that in another podcast down the road.

So getting back to the campaign that I want to talk about in general, I see about 21 to 23% open rates. One of the things that I do with my list is I don’t have one list. I have multiple segments within my list, and they’re usually subject related and or segment and by how people have come into our business.

So I’m just looking through here, and I have multiple list. Some of them that were the one that we’re gonna talk about today has 121 recipients.

Now you could say, Wow, that’s sort of a small email list compared to some of these mass email marketers out there that have a 1,000,000 people. People like Russell Brunson Russell probably has one or two million people on his list and then these other digital markers. People like Neil Patel. Neil is a digital marketer, and he probably has an email list.

Although he grooms it regularly, I’m guessing that near a 1,000,000 if not more so 121 doesn’t sound like a lot.

But in this recent campaign that I did, I was able to get a 71 0.1% open rate with a 14.9% click through. Now I did some math, and I want to use this as an example because not everybody has a 1,000,000 people. Some people have 50,000 people in their incomplete email list universe. So the important thing what your list isn’t just that how big it is, but it’s your open rate and your click throughs, which all translate into how engaged is your audience.

And, quite frankly, how interested are the people that you’re emailing in the material that you’re offering? So first tip for you is engage regularly, so don’t email your list once every three months.

You mail them once a week, twice a week. You will think that you are emailing too much, but you really aren’t. And someone could opt out, however, if you’re engaging regularly in their opening it than you’re delivering material that your audience wants.

This list, in particular, came in through an online class that a really great lady Coach Kelly and I taught during covid nine days to turn yourself into a power powerhouse. How to program your mind, and we went through a whole bunch of, ah, nine days, nine modules with worksheets and exercises each and every day, and it was a very engaged audience, and I had followed up with them recently with some material that was of interest to those nine days, turning yourself into a powerhouse mind mastery.

One of one is what we called it and is a really engaged people who are all interested in the material, and we continually deliver them good information. So they’re going to open the email and we’re staying in touch with them. How are you doing? Even if it’s something like that. So also, I will say that one thing that I used to get stuck on as it relates to engaging regularly is creating e mails themselves.

Your email doesn’t have to be long. In fact, the shorter maybe the better.

If you think about it, most people are reading these emails on their mobile device, so if you’re going to create an 800 word email, you’re probably not going to get it read. So I think about creating emails with just four or five lines.

This email was an update to some follow up content that we put out there that we thought would be of interest, and the email was no longer than seven lines. It had three links in it has an idea.

Tip number two deliver value, actually deliver value, give them something directly related to how they came into that list. In this case, it was mind mastery people interested in tools and techniques tricks HPTs High percentage tips to improve really your mind in your thinking and self improvement.

So we continually deliver really engaging interesting things that we would read. And if you deliver value to people, they will continually engage and they will look and look forward to your email.

And then the other thing that follows this, which is HPT number three, which is focus on one topic I was lucky enough to have a lot of one is. I’ve had a lot of failures over 22 years doing email, marketing and online marketing, running online marketplaces and message boards and things like that.

So I’ve been really lucky and us sent. I have to say, probably tens of millions of emails easily. My email list used to be 100 plus 1000 and we would send that pretty regularly when I ran the social networking site for Sport Fisherman. But I have also learned from other really great marketers, online marketers.

Direct marketers learned a lot of this when I worked in America Online, but also from a guy named Perry Belcher who is a really great copywriter and direct marketer on the Internet. And, he said, people can’t focus on two things. They really can only focus on one. And in his all of his years of experience, he has found that if he puts two things in an email or in a direct marketing brochure, that it generally confuses the person and they don’t do anything.

Whereas if you just focus on one thing. And when I talk about one thing, I’m talking about one topic one call to action, one link toe, One specific thing.

So in this email on the follow up content, I Actually it was all about this one piece of content, which specifically was the story we tell ourselves, aren’t always true and how to tell a story that you want and envision that outcome. And that’s what the whole thing was about.

How the stories we tell aren’t always true and how to tell a story and make it come to reality. And it was like I said, I think it’s 5 to 7 lines and three calls to action all the same. Link. Go to this page where you will find the content. That’s all it did it wasn’t telling them about three other things. It was only that because that’s easy to consume it.

In today’s world, you’re going to hit with 50 million messages. You got 50 million things going on. If you have kids at home and you’re teaching them with this whole covid thing, that’s just complicating things.

So one simple thing. Here’s a piece of content stories we tell ourselves aren’t true. How to tell yourself a story that you want make it come into reality. We’ve got some follow up content on that. You’re gonna love to hear it. Click.

That’s that was the message, and that’s how I’m able to get such high open rates now here’s the really the beauty of it as well. I mean, the click through rate is basically about six times what you would normally see, which is super, and we saw the downloads from the landing page that we sent everybody to.

But if you think about it effectively, if I were operating under normal conditions, I would need an email normal conditions being Let’s call it about a 20% open rate. I would need email list of 430 people on my email at a 20% open rate.

So I effectively with 121 people on this email have the power, if you will, or it’s like having 430.

But here’s the even better part. I don’t need to manage 430 people. I only need to manage 121 who were highly engaged, and I can continually deliver that value to them.

So the good news for you, even if you don’t have a big email list, is make your content so good and so engaging that the person looks forward to it now.

I promised that I would drop and HPT bonus. And here’s the HPT bonus. And actually the reason why I switched from Send Grid back to Convert Kit. I’ve been using Convert Kit for probably four years, and I love Convert Kit. I loved it.

I just wanted to test more than two subject lines because I felt like if I could test more than two subject lines easily that I could get higher open rates, better click throughs and start to understand what copy converted and have higher quality swipe files or at least gets to those answers quicker.

And I traded that for this one feature, and the feature is re send to un opens, and you may say, Well, that seems obvious, Brandon, but most people don’t do it. And in Send Grid, it was just hard.

They didn’t have a 1 button solution and it was really hard. Gia and I, who Gia is my super EA I call her, she really does everything. But it was just manual labor that she and I had to do. We had export things and then imports them again, and that just wasn’t going to work for a long term.

So we went back to convert Kit, who makes it super easy, and it also made it easier for us.

I don’t I’m not going to go into it in detail here, but one of the things in life is motivation and ease of use. If you think about that on X Y axis, anything that’s easy to do, you’re gonna create a habit.

Anything that you have to be motivated is gonna be really hard to keep that habit because your motivation fails in the habit doesn’t stick so with switching over It was a big wind, made us feel really good. And we’ve seen this type of open rate 50% plus at least before. But it was really rewarding, quite frankly, to come back that convert.

Look it because it is a bunch of work. We had export our list. We gotta import the list. Convert Kit actually makes it really easy for you, but you still got to do it.

So that’s my HPT send to un opens. I’ve done it as many as three times, but usually just do it once.

The other thing I will tell you is you can’t just hit the button or segment and go. You have got to do something different or you’re going to get tagged as spam somewhere in the email providers spam filters. So you do have to do some customization.

In this case, I basically said, Hey, I’m resending this. I think you missed it. I want to make sure that you don’t miss it. You know, you’ve been really engaged with the content before, and I actually on the recent on opens, I got like, three emails back that said, Thank you so much Brandon. I missed that. First email got buried in my inbox and thank you so much for sending it.

And when you get emails like that, you know you are delivering value and you haven’t engaged customers. So aim for that.

Those are the three HPT’s just real quick. As a summary, engage with your audience. Regularly deliver real value. Focus on one topic.

You put as many as three links in there. Put a link on the 1st 3rd put a link in the 2nd 3rd put a link in your PS or near the bottom and then resend to on opens.

To give you an idea. I got a 36% lift on open rate from doing the he resend to the unopened, so that wound up today. It looks like we’ve got like I said before, 71.1% operate 14 point 9% Click through.

If you’re looking for an email provider, Convert Kit is really good. Nathan’s done a great job. He really understands the business of email and what the I would call it Entrepreneurs or not small businesses. But the smaller businesses really need to make it easy, and he does that.

So with that, take these tips, put him into action. Get your email list going. If you haven’t started building your email list, start building your email list. Probably the most valuable marketing thing other than what can I say? I think text is gonna be the next thing, but right now, emails still where the money is and where you can connect with your customers regularly.

So I hope you enjoy this episode. We will see you soon.

Hey, everyone. I hope you enjoyed that episode and you are going to boost your email marketing to increase your sales. If you enjoyed this episode, please drop us some stars and the ratings leave us a review so that we know what you like and what you might like in the future.

We’d really appreciate you being generous with your time to do that.

So until the next episode, get on your email marketing. I am rooting for your success. And remember, you’re just one business plan away. We’ll see you later

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