How to Write the Perfect 90-Day Plan to Onboard New Employees and Set Them Up for Success

Who doesn’t want to give a new team member the very best chance of success?! Today, we’re tackling a crucial part of building a successful team and giving you the perfect 90 day onboarding plan.

The first 90 days can make or break a new hire’s experience, impacting not just their productivity but your entire company culture. The early days don’t just set expectations for new hires, they make them feel welcome and included from day 1.

Today we’re reviewing research that looked at the effects of a  “90-Day Onboarding Plan” , then we’re giving you 5 must-have things you need to put in yours.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, titled “First impressions at work: The relationship between onboarding experiences and employee engagement,” found that new hires with a well-defined onboarding plan are 50% more likely to be engaged in their work, compared to those left to navigate without one. 

A 90 -day onboarding plan is clearly a no brainer, here’s how to build one for your company.

  1. Make sure from day 1 the person understands his/her job description and you have this for them in a written document.
    Include their day to day duties because that will set expectations and let the person know exactly what they can do to be successful.
    In this packet also include a list of company resources such as who they call for IT support etc… 
  2. Team them up with a peer. This “buddy system” makes them feel supported and the buddy can introduce them to other people in the company, act as their go to person for the common questions that come up, and generally help make the transition smoother.
  3.  Give them a resource that lists the top people they will be working with and what  their roles are so the new person understands the lay of the land.
  4. Have dates on the calendar for a 30, 60 and 90 days review with their supervisor as check in for feedback and questions.
  5. Make sure they know their first assignment, if there is one, beyond their daily duties. 

Remember a few other things when you craft your plan:

  • Tailor it to the specific role and individual needs of each new hire.
  • Continuously refine your plan based on new hires’ experience and company growth.
  • Recognize and reward milestones along the way, boosting morale and engagement.

A well-crafted 90-Day Onboarding Plan is like a rocket booster for your new hires, propelling them towards success and creating a team that rocks. So, invest time in this crucial phase, unleash the potential of your people, and watch your team’s productivity and success soar!

Your move.

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