New Discoveries Why You Might Want to Take Psychedelic Drugs with Jon Lu | EP. 276 | Mind Podcast

New Discoveries Why You Might Want to Take Psychedelic Drugs with Jon Lu
New Discoveries Why You Might Want to Take Psychedelic Drugs with Jon Lu


Jon and I talk about psychedelic drugs and the new discoveries that are pointing to their therapeutic and break through performance enhancing effects.
 The early science is pointing to evidence that they can help free you from limiting beliefs you may not consciously be aware. Once free from these thing you may go on to do things you never thought possible. 

In our first recording in our new studio in Half Moon Bay, CA Jon and I talk about these discoveries as well as how he and his co-founders are building their start-up drug company, why you should think about the Star Wars approach to hiring people for your company, how they thought about dividing up equity and a lot more in our open discussion.

An episode you don’t want to miss!

Jonathan Lu is the Co-Founder of VCENNA, a company that designs Neuro-Pharmaceutical solutions intended to provide therapeutic treatment for mental wellness.
 The company’s pharmaceuticals are safe, natural and monitors patients by rigorous bio-tracking by applying data science and machine learning algorithms, enabling patients to shift their mind and body to an acute state of consciousness which is required for therapeutic treatments for mental wellness.

Jonathan is an expert generalist whose eighteens year operating career spans consulting, corporate management, and entrepreneurship across diverse sectors including consumer marketplaces, solar energy, and enterprise SaaS. He is passionate about product management, design thinking, and forecasting, which he loves mentoring in and teaching to new founders.
 He began his career at P&G where he held senior management roles in product management, technology development, supply chain, and manufacturing, and lived in the US, Venezuela, and China. He co-founded a consumer technology company, has consulted for early stage companies in product design, brand strategy, and financial modeling, and held executive roles in a variety of startups across markets including neurological health, fintech, and e-commerce.
 Jonathan ventured to the investor side to amend for sins/mistakes of his own founder past. As a control investor, he targets special situations of mid-tech stage companies that no longer fit the venture capital investment model, and are in need of operational transformation.
 Jonathan is a proud father to three daughters and a rat terrier/lab mix, and speaks English, Chinese, and Spanish. He has authored 8 patents and visited 66 countries. Jonathan is a graduate from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.

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