A Tale That Teaches You How to Avoid Overthinking Things | Ep. 87

A Tale That Teaches You How to Avoid Overthinking Things | Ep. 87


As entrepreneurs and business owners we sometimes get caught up in our own head. We start to over analyze things. Then…

We start jumping back in forth in our head on a decision. We start playing the “What if this”, “What if that” game in our head.

This is a short tale that I keep handy when I recognize that I’m starting down the overthinking spiral of death.

Listen to this short episode that teaches a profound lesson for all of us.

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Hello, Friends. Welcome to the show, boy. Do I have a story for you today? This story is going to help you stop overthinking things when you get into this circular reference that ultimately causes you in action. Welcome to build the business success secrets. The only podcast that provides straight talk for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, starting with an idea or growing your business, this show is for you. We’ll teach you how to build a strong mindset, powerful body and profitable business so you can achieve success. And here’s your host, Brandon. See White.

Once upon a time, there was a king who wanted to pick the wisest man among all his subjects to be the prime minister. When the search finally narrowed down to three men, he decided to put them to the supreme test. Accordingly, he placed them together in a room in his palace and on the door he installed a lock that was the ultimate a mechanical ingenuity. And the candidates were all informed that whoever was able to open the door first would be appointed to the post of honor.

And you can imagine the three men immediately set themselves to the task. Two of them began at once to work out complicated mathematical formulas to discover the proper lock combination. The third man, however, just sat there in the chair, lost in thought and finally, without bothering to put pen to paper, he got up, walk to the door and turn the handle door open to his touch. It had been unlocked the whole time.

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