Flat Tire Article by Brandon WhiteBottom Line Up Front (BLUF):
Your imagination will make up a lot of stories that aren’t true, but you think they are, you will react to them and miss opportunities. When you catch your imagination running wild, focus on what you know with certainly and make your next move from that point, not the point in the story you imagined.

​About The Man With a Flat Tire on a Country Road with No Jack

​A man from the city decided to take a drive in the country one afternoon to take a break from the craziness of the city…see some open space, green fields, and breath in the fresh country air.

As he hit the city limit and turned down a country road he rolled down his window and his car quickly filled up with the smell of fresh cut.

You know that smell right?

He smiled, took a deep breath and found himself already feeling relaxed.

After about 30 minutes the sun started to get closer to the horizon and he decided he should turn around before it got too late and head back home.

No sooner did that thought finish, did he feel a thump and then a sound of rubber being crushed under the weight of his car.

He took his foot off the gas and pulled over to the side of the road.

He got out to take a look at what happened only to find that his right rear tire was flat.

“No problem,” he said to himself, “I’ve got a spare. I’ll jack this thing up put on the spare and I’ll be back on my way home in no time.”

He popped the trunk, pulled up the trunk platform where the spare tire was only to discover that the jack was not there.

He scratched his head, looked around some more and sure enough there was no jack.

As he thought about it…he had a flat about a year ago and the garage likely forgot to put the jack back when they put his spare back in the trunk.

He looked around…he was in the middle of nowhere.

He pulled out his cell to call Triple A only to find he had no signal.

“Of course not,” he thought to himself, “I’m in the middle of nowhere.”

​He looked off into the distance and saw a long driveway leading to a farm house.​

He thought, “Surely they have a jack.”

He locked his car and started walking…

The first ten minutes he was sure they had a jack because it was a farm, they have tools.

The next ten minutes on the walk his mind started a wonder a little,

“What if they charge me $20 to use the jack?”

“How much cash do i have?”

He had about $100 and said to himself, “How could it be more than $100?!”

Ten minutes later he started to get mad,

​”What if they really do charge me $100? I mean, what the heck, that’s like robbing me!”​

Another ten minutes as he’s walking down the drive way and he’s getting angrier and starts to think…

​”What if they charge me $200? I don’t have that much and who would extort someone stuck on a country road? I mean come one man!”​

He gets to the front door, knocks and a minute later a man answers the door with a smile. Before the man who answered the door could say a single word the man yells…

​”You can keep your stupid jack, I’ll figure something else out!”

And then turns around and storms back down the driveway.

Your imagination will play the most amazing tricks on you.

And the most amazing and CRAZY thing about your mind is that…

​What your mind thinks or imagines, it believes is REAL…even when that “real” thing isn’t reality.

You have to use the other side of your brain to remind yourself that sometimes you’re just making stories up in your head that AREN’T true.

They could come true, that’s a whole other essay about what you think dictates what happens to you, but for the sake of this story…

Let’s agree like just like the man with the flat, the story was totally fake and he reacted before he gave REALITY a chance to either confirm and deny his made up story.

So when you catch your imagination running wild, focus on what you know with certainly and make your next move from that point, not the point in the story you imagined.

You’re move 🫵