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More Bizarre Feedback from “John Doe”

Here we go, the latest from Mr. John Doe. Apparently he is talking with me in an “unofficial” capacity representing himself….wow! This has to be someone messing with me, at least I thought it was, but it sounds so real I actually think this person thinks he/she has a point. If you want to see the original exchanged click here

From: John Doe
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 22:10:13 +0800
To: Brandon White <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Account removed at Fishing Message Boards, Saltwater Fishing Reports, Freshwater Fishing Reports!

Firstly, isn’t my bank, it’s not my ebay account, it’s not 401k administrator. I’m sorry if you believe otherwise but it’s a web forum. One of millions. With identity theft as rampant as it is, I’m surprised you wouldn’t understand my desire to put as few personal details out there as possible. I don’t know you or anything about your operations so I’m not going to give you personal information. And before you jump to conclusions, I’m not implying that you would intentionally distribute this info.

I’m sorry if you’re confused about “official capacity” but let me set it straight for you. You’re speaking to me in an official capacity as the owner of a business. I’m speaking to you in an unofficial capacity as an end user. If I was speaking to you about contract info as CIO then I would be speaking with you in an official capacity. See the difference?

And lastly, I find this whole situation a bit condescending to the me, the user. Yes I’ve been somewhat short with you, but have only done so in reaction to your ridiculous self important rules and your attempt to excuse them. I’m sorry but I will not continue this communication.


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