Make no Mistake, Doing a Start Up is Hard!

The press and our society has always romanticized the notion of being an entrepreneur. If you are entrepreneur you’re seen as risk taker, a pioneer, a person who makes his/her own path, creates a “business” out of an idea and turns that idea into something that someone else ascribes value and is willing to pay money to get, experience or have. Entrepreneurs can be found creating things out on their own, working with co-founding entrepreneurs or even within big corporations. Regardless of where they reside, the lowest common denominators that they all share is they take riskers and have the confidence to do things they are not quite sure they can do.

What drives entrepreneurs varies. Some are born being an entrepreneur and have no choice, others set out to become one because of the allure of how fun, cool, hip and possibility of riches and independence, while others just stumble into becoming one because of some random set or circumstances. I fall into the first category, I can not imagine not building something, not creating things out of an idea, not doing things that are simply really hard or at least “they” say is really hard or not even possible. It’s fun, it is hip, the possibility of riches is there, but for those out there considering the option, make no mistake that it can be all those things, but one that does not get talked about in the press or published that much is that it can also be really freaking hard and when I say that, I mean really freaking hard.

I am on company number five. We have a remarkable founding team with all the things you want, creativity, simple low down smarts, common sense, knowledge of the market, nitty gritty perseverance and a positive environment of respect for one another that allows us all to challenge each others ideas where we always come out with a sum that was better then the parts.


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