How to Live a Positive Happy Life

Sometimes we over complicate how to live a positive happy life and make excuses why we can not change our circumstances.

You might respond, “I can’t change it, I’m stuck in this situation”.

That may be absolutely true right now and you might not be able to make a total change overnight. However, you can change something that gets you going in the right direction towards a more positive happy life.

How to Life a Happy Life
Sometimes living a happy life really is this simple

Not happy with your job? What small thing can you do today to change that? Not a big thing, but one small thing can you do to move in the direction of a happier life? Can you change your self-talk? Replace the time you are thinking about how much you hate your job with thinking about the steps you are going to take to make a change. You can build a personal plan and focus on making one small piece of progress a day. You do not have to conquer the world to have a happier life, you just have to make one small step a day, that’s success. Success will lead to more success.

use this chart as a guide to filter all the things in your life that you are questioning right now and get out a pen and paper and start writing what small changes you can make to get you going in the direction of living a positive happy life.

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