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About Me 

Hi, thanks for asking about me.

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Short Story

I started my career as an entrepreneur over 20 years ago and out of the gate I failed.

There was so much business information out there!

I didn’t know where to start and could not tell the right information from the wrong.

Compounding my frustrations, I did not have someone to turn to for answers when I needed them most.

I was working hard but felt like I was not making progress.

I knew I needed help and I found a coach.

My coach got me pointed in the right direction.

He taught me the right business information to follow, how to program my mind for success, how to take care of my body and health which all play an integral part of being successful.

I got traction and kept learning new insights.

I wanted to shorten my learning curve even more, so I went to a top business school and learned more about how to build a business.

I finished my Masters degree in Psychology and learned how to successfully program my mind for success.

Then I got smart, took all I learned, and created a simple business success formula to live by and apply to all my business ventures.

I tried the formula on different types of businesses, and it worked.

I built an online business that generated a six-figure passive income for me for over a decade, a clothing business, and a technology company.

I learned that the fundamentals of building a business are all the same regardless of the type of business you build.

I continued to refine, simplify and apply the formula.

It led me to successfully sell my company.

Selling the company allowed me to pay off all my debt, buy a nice house for my family, a RV to travel, personal financial independence and as importantly confidence I could do it all over again.

This site started off as a way for me to teach a few friends the business formula in some really basic private lessons.

They used it in their business ventures and it worked for them.

Word spread and people started asking me for it. 

Over the years I made the formula better by making it even simpler and easy to follow to train your mind, tune your body and build a successful business.

I included only the essentials so no time is wasted.

I’ve successfully taught this formula to over 1,200 entrepreneurs so far in the last two years.

I offer you my Build a Business Success Formula. 

Many people helped me along the way to success and I aim to help you.

I know if you work smart and apply the formula you can achieve the same success that I and others have been fortunate to achieve.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you,


P.S. If you want to learn more, keep reading the longer story.

My Education

UNC Chapel Hill Business School Brandon C White Bio

MBA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School

* Internationally studied at:

Erasmus, Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands)

Gdansk Foundation for Management Development (Poland)

EGADE (Monterrey, Mexico)

FGV-EAESP (San Paulo, Brazil)

Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

washington college Maryland Brandon C White bio

Masters, Psychology, Washington College

Psi Chi National Honor Society


BA, Psychology, Washington College

Psi Chi National Honor Society (President)

Stanford University Brandon C White bio

Continuing Education

Tiny Habits Certified Coach, by Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab’s Dr. BJ Fogg

Persuasive Technology Boot Camp, by Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab’s

Dr. BJ Fogg

Public Speaking, Stanford

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