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Build Your Business Plan with 13 Easy Slides

How to build a Business Plan and Pitch Deck CourseEveryone deserves to build their idea into a successful business and have financial freedom. In order to start, build and grow your business, you need a business plan. It does not matter what your business is, a business plan guides you to success.

Once you complete the course you will no longer feel confused about how to take your idea and turn it in a business, or how to take your business to the next level. You’ll have a plan to follow that leads you to success.

If you are considering raising money for your business idea, super, at the end of the course I’ll show you how to take the Business Plan you built with 13 slides and turn it into a pitch deck.

I’ve learned how to build a successful plan quickly and easily through my successes and failures. It all comes down to knowing what questions you need answers and how to get those answers quickly.

I tried many business ideas over my twenty years as an Enterprenuer. I have pitched too many times to count and heard thousands of pitches as an investor. I know what works and what doesn’t.

In this course you get the secrets, shortcuts and worksheets that I’ve developed through failure and wild success over my twenty years. Even better, I am on the front lines with you working on my fifth company and revise items in the course as I learn more successful tactics and tricks.

The Course
I guide you through building your Business Plan and Pitch Deck in thirteen easy to understand modules, one module for each slide.

I walk you through step by step in the videos and provide specifically designed easy to follow work sheets to get the answers you need.

The course includes:

* Bi-weekly group call in sessions where I answer whatever questions you have. This gives you real live access and feedback. 
* Access to recordings of past bi-weekly group call in sessions
* Membership to a private group forum where I answer questions you have and provide advice.
* I review your plan personally when you are done and give you feedback
* Worksheets that guide you and get you to the answers you need to have for each slide

You can do this. Take action , turn your idea into a business and unleash your financial freedom. I look forward to helping build your success!

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