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Becoming an Entrepreneur Start a Business Idea

Starting a Business ,

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3 Online Business Ideas w/ Low Start Up Costs and

How to Do Them

Becoming an Entrepreneur Start a Business Idea

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Your Guide to Building the Perfect Business Plan and the Exact Slides You Need

Becoming an Entrepreneur Start a Business Idea

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The #1 Tool to Grow Your Business Online and

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About Me👇

Brandon C White Build a Business

I started my career as an Entrepreneur twenty years ago and failed.

I didn't know where to start and felt completely overwhelmed🤦🏻

I was scared of making a mistake and letting my friends/family down…

I was working hard but wasn't making progress…

A mentor got me pointed in the right direction.

I got traction and started making money💸…

Then I got smart, took what I learned, sat down and put to all together in a simple business building formula to live by…

I tried the formula on different types of businesses and…

It worked🚀

I sold my first business to a large media company that got me my financial freedom ticket. Then, I started, built and sold another 🙌

Many people helped me along the way to success🙏 and with this…

New formula I aim to help you. I know if you work hard and apply it, you have the potential to…

Achieve the same success that I've been fortunate to find.

I'm rooting for your success👊 – Brandon

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Build a Business Podcast

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Build a Business Podcast brings you behind-the-scenes secrets I used to start, automate, grow and ultimately sell an online business.

I bring in expert guests who give you actionable advice on business planning, digital marketing, SEO, and content marketing strategies you can immediately start using to grow and drive revenue in your business

My mission is to use my twenty years as an online and tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and angel investor to deliver you actionable advice you can turn into results for yourself and propel your business forward quickly.

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